Nov 11, 2017

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Kids Cook Thanksgiving!

Would your child like to learn to cook?  Would you like them to gain more independence in the kitchen?  This class is about that and more!  Children who are encouraged to participate in the family meal preparation typically grow into adults who love cooking and have a healthy relationship with food.  The more they are exposed to it in their early childhood, the more they learn to value the ritual of preparing fresh, nutritious meals and sharing them with friends and family.  What better time to encourage participation than at Thanksgiving dinner?  

In this class, we will cover safety and sanitation (boring, but necessary!), knife skills (yes, they can and should try this at home!), and the art of Mise en place which roughly translates to "everything in its place" (because the best chefs are clean and organized!)  Then we will move on to the fun stuff--Thanksgiving appetizers, sides and drinks which will focus on using seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local ingredients.  

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